Platform Presents: A Christmas Carousal

Platform Presents: A Christmas Carousal

The second annual Christmas Carousal takes place at Easterhouse Arts Centre Platform 20th December. The centre has evolved in a brilliant way over the last few years and it’s dedication to bringing a high quality, eclectic and progressive array of talent to Glasgow’s East End has been nothing short of inspirational.

Kathryn Joseph, Babe and Jonny Common will be bringing their prodigious talents to this year’s event and perform on the set of Rapunzel – as re-imagined in an Easterhouse hairdresser’s. For those familiar with the individual genius of this trio, then I don’t need to explain how exquisite this is going to be. Furthermore, special guests, C Duncan and Tommy Reilly, will join in with Kathryn Joseph’s performance.

I have gushed about SAY Award winner Kathryn Joseph in abundance. Her stirring performances rarely leave me dry-eyed. Each elaboration within her delivery has a purpose, the labyrinthine of her lyrics feel necessary and unequivocally, she is one of Scotland’s finest female artists ever.

Babe are beautifully articulated, dream electro with an otherworldly feel about them. There’s an ownership and authority about their music that is done on their terms. Frontman, Gerard Black will be performing a special solo piano-led performance that will be memorable.

Jonnie Common, another of Scotland’s most underrated artists. His vision, humour and musicianship are incomparable. If ever there was a perfect person to perform something like this, it is Common.

December 20th, Platform


£10 (£7.50)

For full information visit:

7pm (bus from Mono at 6.30pm, £5)


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