Phoria – Emanate (Turle Rework)

Phoria – Emanate (Turle Rework)

I have come to the realisation that everything that Turtle a.k.a Jon Cooper touches will probably eventually make my Song of the Day.

Now don’t get wrong, the original is beautiful. The vocal on Phoria’s original alone is one of the most soothing things I have heard. Also the cluster percussion (mainly finger clicks and handclaps) is perfect for the original. I have been a fan of Brighton’s Phoria for a while now and you should definitely take the time to go through their material.

Upon hearing the original you wonder how this could be reworked into something better. Well Turtle has immersed it into a feeling of Leftism and I wouldn’t so much say it is haunting as it is invigorating. The marrying of these two has created something beatific.  I am so thankful artists like this have been put on my radar, they balance the shite of the manufactured, insipid music industry and make it a better place. Also, this is a free download so if you don’t click download you are an arsehole.

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