PENNY: ‘Cauchemar’

PENNY: ‘Cauchemar’

Having announced the release of her EP My Secret Powers due for release in January 2022, singer-songwriter PENNY delivers another divine taster in latest single ‘Cauchemar‘. 

There’s an unwavering quality here and whilst there is romance, there is also an element of reflection and sadness that makes this all the more endearing. Above all, however, it’s an empowering song that manages to fuse pop, alternative and R&B effortlessly. 

Aside from her confessional, the musical arrangement is desperately addictive and there’s some particularly notable songwriting as the song evolves. It feels like a moment of realisation in the musical transition halfway through it and with that arrives a great deal of depth within the layering of the track. 

Intense honesty, beautiful melodic waves and a comforting vocal make this a must-listen. 

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