Paul Reset: ‘Quickshot’

Paul Reset: ‘Quickshot’

Scottish producer and DJ Paul Reset brings nostalgic teeth and hooks to the table with latest banger ‘Quickshot‘. 

Having started our producing in the late 90s – 00s, Reset’s releases via labels such as Trouble on Vinyl, Industry, Underfire and Flex led onto him launching his own label Nerve Recordings with offshoot Nerve Breaks. With dark electronica adding to his love of drum ‘n’ bass, it inspired live nights including events at Glasgow School of Art for over 5 years.

2010 saw Reset begin collaborative project Phuturelabs with a group of friends showcasing the best of dance, electronica and more. Their broadcasts, blogs and DJ sets helped put them on the map and also brought more focus to organisations such as Glasgow’s Radio Magnetic and Inner Ear.

Having been on a music sabbatical, Reset began producing again during lockdown releasing his Chocky EP – a three-tracker of breakbeat-led goodies with nods to old skool rave, jungle and bleepy house. “I’d been talking a lot to my friend (who produces amazing music under the name Everyday Dust) this year was about getting back into things and he gave me a few gentle nudges to finally get my head around Ableton, pick up a wee keyboard and off I went. I had some spare time on my hands in the evenings thanks to lockdown and he helped me out a lot with things like the final mixdowns”, explains Reset.

Latest track ‘Quickshot’ with artwork courtesy of Reset’s daughter continues his obsession with early 90s rave and jungle. Thrusting it into the here and now, it’s intricate bass and drum patterns, mood-altering vocal samples and tones will appeal even to those dipping their toe into this divine field for the first time.

Part of its major appeal is that it still has one foot back in the early 90s and with revivals on the resurgence, it makes you thankful that a new generation will experience and be inspired by the arrival of this new sonic wave.

So, what’s next? “I’m planning to keep up the release momentum and put out at least one new track every month or so, ‘Quickshot’ that’s just come out is the first in a series of single trackers I’ll be doing over the next year. I’ll also have a remix EP of the tracks from Chocky out in early October featuring really brilliant reworks from Everyday Dust, The General and Forest Basha” he explains.

The tension that animates this track and Reset’s work is part of its attraction. There’s a crispness to his production and clarity that makes it feel more mainstream. For those old skool enthusiasts, don’t fear, it’s still a crushing listen.

Quickshot’ is out now.


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