Paris Paloma: ‘my mind (now)’

Paris Paloma: ‘my mind (now)’

With stark intimacy, UK singer-songwriter Paris Paloma unravels her trauma survival story in ‘my mind (now)‘.

Her hypnotic vocals float over pristine production, creating a meditative headspace to process the profound pain she excavates. This is the sound of hard-won catharsis.

The track examines her OCD and anxiety born out of traumatic events, and the subsequent struggle living inside her short-circuiting mind. She evokes the electrical storm of unrelenting emotions, longing for a few seconds of long-denied peace and quiet. Her sharp songwriting analyses the power dynamics of having trauma triggered by others.

Yet as Paloma searches for meaning amidst the mental chaos, she finds agency through the act of artistic creation – writing as resilience. ‘my mind (now)’ maps the before and after of trauma’s deep psychic impression, embodying the strength and precariousness of the human psyche. The fragile beauty interlinks with messages of empowerment about surviving and forging new pathways.

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