Owl John – Red Hand

Owl John – Red Hand

When you become a somewhat dedicated fan to a band, there is that inevitable ‘shit yourself with fear stage’ that comes sometimes when a band member decides to either go solo completely or alongside that band. Not that we have the right to feel that way as essentially that person is doing what it right for them, but we have to accept that it does happen.

Scott Hutchison is now also under the moniker of Owl John. And, when I say solo, this is not strictly true as Andy Monaghan & Simon Liddell are also members. I have seen various postings especially from Pop Cop and purposefully held off until I was ready to properly listen.

As you can probably guess from the Song of the Day indication I am liking ‘Red Hand’ a lot. Hutchison has always had my respect, more so when it comes to his lyrics as there are numerous times I can count how clever his genius in conveying the most depressing/uplifting situations with phrases that blow my mind.

‘Red Hand’ is perfectly paced, it is not calculated – it is honest. Owl John has cemented the fact that Hutchison as a commanding force when it comes to bold songwriting.

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