Omari Marsalis x Tom Hodson: ‘Let Em In’

Omari Marsalis x Tom Hodson: ‘Let Em In’

Nottingham collaborators Omari Marsalis and Tom Hodson kick down the door with their infectious new single ‘Let Em In’.

Marsalis vocal swaggers through the eclectic production, bouncing nimble wordplay off the notable samples as Hodson stitches together a sonic collage. It’s a bold assembly of underground hip hop and electronica influences that usher an exciting new duo in from the shadows.

Over looping rhythms and sublime atmospherics, rapper/vocalist Marsalis considers the balance between art and commerce with savvy delivery, while Hodson provides an intricate and cinematic backdrop that reveals new details with every listen. This unpredictable juxtaposition of styles pays off to craft something entirely their own – a distinctive debut statement from the Nottingham natives.

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