Old Sea Brigade: ‘How It Works’

Old Sea Brigade: ‘How It Works’

Atlanta-born, Nashville-based multi-talented singer-songwriter Old Sea Brigade continues on an impressive trajectory and new release ‘How It Works’ brings a welcome blanket of warmth. 

The beautiful lull of his voice alone is enough of a gift, but the song burrows down further. Of the song, Old Sea Brigade explains: “I think in the music industry, there’s sometimes this false narrative that there are certain ‘gatekeepers’ that dictate artists careers. It can be a fairly toxic notion, especially when you’re trying to get your foot in the door as a young artist. I got an email once from some music industry person telling me, ‘that’s how it works.'” 

His naivety is palpable in places and it’s that quality which makes him continue to stand out in the most beautiful way as an artist. You can feel his stares at the world through his music, his questions and his subsequent lived experiences. 

It’s those quiet observations that he is able to work seamlessly into his craft and as the ebbs and flows of this warm vocal and mellow musical arrangement wash over you, you realise what a talent he is. 

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