OK Button: ‘Beds’

OK Button: ‘Beds’

Amber Wilson first blessed our aural stream back in around 2010, with an unforgettable vocal it was easy to see why she was later selected by Bombay Bicycle Club as a vocalist whilst Lucy Rose focused on her solo project. 

She has been somewhat candid about her struggles within the music industry but remained remarkably resilient in her journey in creating and doing what she loves. Her connection with percussionist Adam Falkner came as a blessing in her native Aberdeen one evening when he saw her singing at a local venue and thus the foundations were laid for new project, OK Button. 

It was the addition of multi-instrumentalist Nassim Donald and writer/producer Craigie Dodds that cemented the band’s birth. Dodds’ projects have covered the likes of Sugababes, Gorillaz and Amy Winehouse to name a few.

The first thing that has struck me over the last two singles is how much of a passion project it is for the collective. It’s clear from their production and dare I say, branding that this isn’t just a sideline for them, but it’s more than that. The talent on show here (from all members) is noteworthy. 

Debut single, ‘The Message’ was a breath of fresh air and one that made you feel suspended in the pop cosmos. Lyrically, it was particularly poignant and provided something wonderfully empowering in its delivery. 

The trio’s latest single ‘Beds‘ is one of the finest pop songs of 2018. A bold statement, but it’s easy to see why peers and tastemakers are starting to sit up and pay attention. A song which explores the pitfalls of technology and how it dictates us has a strange undercurrent of hope despite lyrics such as, “Let’s toast to the fire we started and lie in the beds we’ve made.”

Sonically, it’s a song to get completely consumed by, it washes over you with surprising affability and serves as a comfort. A fully realised and blossoming synthpop layering adds a real sophistication.

Don’t delay your induction into their hall of indie-pop, they are one of the most promising new potential big hitters to emerge in recent years. 

OK Button make their live debut at Glasgow’s POetry Club November 20th. 

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