Nova wins the SAY Award!

Nova wins the SAY Award!

Edinburgh-based DJ, rapper and producer Nova wins the 9th Scottish Album of the Year Award with Re-Up!

Nova aka Nova Scotia the Truth aka Shaheeda Sinckler was first introduced to us via Vaj Power. Sof Staune who also acts as Nova’s manager via Fuse has coupled with the young star and they have both embarked on an impressive journey. 

There is no pretension, no gimmicks, it’s just clear that this is a solid, transparent relationship and one where Nova is encouraged to move confidently in her own direction. 

Re-Up by Nova

6-track long-player Re-Up was a refreshing addition to Scotland’s music album releases. It doesn’t take its audience for granted with its social commentary and Sinckler’s strength of character, lyrical wisdom and self-assuredness shines effortlessly. 

Adventurous and introspective, there is a superb dynamic as you flow through each track. Opener ’30 MINS‘ gels crisp production and leaves you hungry for another course. ‘Trophy‘ is a personal favourite and a track that still remains on heavy rotation. Forceful and atmospheric, there’s a purposeful swagger which is further elevated by Nova’s dexterous rhyme-craft. 

Nova winning The SAY Award is a blessing. Awards are a marmite affair and many musicians have stated in the past that this isn’t something they are particularly fond of. HOWEVER, when you have a young woman creating rap and grime in a landscape such as Scotland, which can be argued as often holding aloft specific genres and veering towards one gender, that’s when this is vital. The visibility it creates will inspire a new legion of young stars and hopefully start to create something far more vibrant in the mainstream. For Nova to have this accolade and financial boost will be life-changing. 

Nova is her own architect now and I cannot wait to see how the next stage of her revolution plays out. [Mic drop]

[Halina Rifai]

Main photo by rawtape

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