Nightkites: ‘Bagan’

Nightkites: ‘Bagan’

Nightkites‘ latest single, ‘Bagan‘, is a stunning testament to the artist’s ability to craft evocative soundscapes that transport listeners to distant lands.

Murray Stockdale, the talent behind the project, draws inspiration from his travels around Burma in 2017, particularly his experiences driving around ancient temple ruins on a scooter.

The track is a notable blend of dark, atmospheric elements and uplifting ambient scores, showcasing Stockdale’s talent for capturing the myriad moods that humans encounter in their daily lives. ‘Bagan‘ is a journey through sound, with each layer revealing a new facet of the artist’s creativity and willingness to explore uncharted musical territory.

As Stockdale continues to experiment with new ideas and expand his creative horizons, it’s clear that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey for both the producer and his listeners.

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