New Fries: ‘Mary Poppins’ Pockets’

New Fries: ‘Mary Poppins’ Pockets’

A  breath of fresh air hit this week in the shape of Toronto-based experimental 4-piece New Fries.

Ahead of their mini album release More on November 25th, they have revealed the extraordinary ‘Mary Poppins’ Pockets’. It comes as little surprise that the band are working with Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) given his work with the likes of Viet Cong and Metz.

This is a brilliant introductory chapter to the band and it crystallises the strengths of four musicians hitting every mark. With a backbone that contorts and seduces the listener, this takes you on a journey of surrealism. This is one of the most fascinating and evocative songs of the year so far.

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