Nana Adjoa: Sometimes Love Is Evil

Nana Adjoa: Sometimes Love Is Evil

Amsterdam native, Nana Adjoa seems to have finally found her true musical path with her latest thought-provoking release. 

Having originally been accepted to the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatory to study jazz, it didn’t evolve into what she imagined and due to the restrictive nature of the course, she wanted more of the freedom when creating music which she was experiencing outside of studying. 

And so, a solo career was born. With her anticipated EP,  A Tale So Familiar released next month, ‘Sometimes Love Is Evil’ is our first taster and a song that has a wonderful purity at its heart. 

There’s a clear vision when it comes to the complex aspect of love and how we still persevere and pursue it even though it isn’t right for us. Socially, there is nothing defeatest in her delivery and if anything her vocal conjures a feeling of letting go. The trip-hop underbelly, swathing sustained chords and Adjoa’s honeyed vocal make this incredibly easy listening. Potently rhythmic and texturally rich, this perfectly boxes all the emotions being discussed and does so in a way that is a far easier pill to swallow. 

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