Nana Adjoa: ‘National Song’

Nana Adjoa: ‘National Song’

Nana Adjoa finally releases the album we have been waiting for. Big Dreaming Ants lands with aplomb and her latest single ‘National Song‘ fittingly soundtracks its release. 

Adjoa first captured us with trip-hop inspired ‘Sometimes Love Is Evil’ and each subsequent release has shown her effortless versatility. 

‘National Song’ continues to illustrate notable thematic characteristics by the Dutch-Ghanian singer-songwriter. Her soft measured vocal is the eye of the storm. The swirling musical arrangements that surround her in now way compromise her performance and if anything, they further amplify the strong messages at the centre of her narrative.

Accompanied by a hard-hitting video created by creative director Rudy Asibey and video director Robbert Doelwijt Jr, Adjoa manages to tell stories in a way that not many others in her field can. This shows a musician translating their passion for all to see. She is on course to becoming one of the breakthrough artists of 2020. 

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