Mt. Doubt: ‘Thirst’

Mt. Doubt: ‘Thirst’

When music blog Scottish Fiction called it a day, there was a sense of dread for many including myself. With Scottish music bloggers dropping like flies, it’s starting to feel a bit lonely out here.

On the plus side, Neil Wilson (the man behind the moniker) has started a DIY label! His first release was Edinburgh’s highly underrated Mt Doubt record. Frontman Leo Bargery and co, released In Awe Of Nothing back in June and the next single to be taken from the long player, ‘Thirst’ is deservedly our Song of the Day. 

Its twilit melodies coupled with Bargery’s soothing vocal and gorgeous restraint leave you feeling completely solaced. Take a brief listen and it may come across as wearisome, but if you take this in fully, you will reveal a gem that is precious and lasting.

‘Thirst’ is released via Scottish Fiction Records on 2 September 2016.

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