Edinburgh is a bastard as it is to put gigs on in. The amount of DIY promoters willing to take a punt on things is declining which is entirely disappointing as it is our capital city.

MILK have bravely decided to put on another show outside their Glasgow womb and it is once again a stonking line-up.

BWANi (formerly Bwani Junction) and ULTRAS will be providing aural delights fit for any human consumption at the city’s Electric Circus!

With their irresistible surging rhythms, Edinburgh’s BWANi will tempt you out of an uninspired darkness and force you into a dancing frenzy. Jerk-pop meets funk meets happiness will provide you with the perfect Friday night entertainment.

ULTRAS have emerged from the ashes of Over The Wall and frontman Gav Prentice definitely seems to have found a defiant and intriguing direction. With admirable lyrical messages, ULTRAS unbridled passion is as strong musically as it is politically.

In their 4th year, MILK’s Hannah Currie and Aileen Lynn are not doing this as a shitty PR exercise, this is to provide a strong live platform for musicians.

Also on offer are bespoke MILK-themed cocktail menu, free cookies and DJs until 3am!



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