Meursault: ‘Simple Is Good’

Meursault: ‘Simple Is Good’

One of Scotland’s finest, Meursault, left a gaping hole when they disappeared. Neil Pennycook and his fellow musicians have this way of tapping into your emotions like few others. His voice has its finger on your vulnerabilities and it is incomparable.

Thankfully, they have returned. Their label Song, By Toad led by the matchless Matthew Young have managed to keep a torch alive in the country’s capital city when it comes to DIY music.

‘Simple Is Good’, is the first song of their restoration and thereĀ is a scope of breadth and mood that makes it far more poignant than previous releases. It has a heightened, unified idea overall that is as expansive as it is magnificent. The production is notable with its intricate classical stylings threaded with electronic fibres to such savvy effect. This is inspiration reborn.

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