Malena Zavala: ‘If It Goes’

Malena Zavala: ‘If It Goes’

Argentinian-born chanteuse Malena Zavala has composed a worthy tribute to her rich South American roots.

‘If It Goes’, has been released via Yucatan Records and the artist speaks of her inspiration behind the song, “The song connects me to my South American roots through my mothers’ Latino feminine character which she passed down to me. That fire is one of my only perceptions of my roots and I had a definite fear of losing that growing up in a different country/ in a different culture. It wouldn’t be me if I lost it.”

As compelling as it is accessible, this is perfect for a night by the fire injecting your thoughts with nostalgia and reflecting on the truly satisfying moments in life. The balance in production and textures within the song are nothing short of perfection. This is a rewarding listen that leaves a lasting impression.

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