Lizzie Reid: ‘Seamless’

Lizzie Reid: ‘Seamless’

Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid takes us on a charming and devastating trip through heartbreak and love with new single ‘Seamless‘.

Thanks to the nuance in her vocal, it feels all the more painful when her knife of sadness gets pushed in. The structural contours of the song’s arrangement ebb and flow with Reid’s exquisite tones. 

There are always key moments you remember when discovering an artist fully for the first time. The depths they take you to emotionally. The gift they have for conveying and translating sorrow in a way that makes you want to experience it, because…it feels like a beautiful drug. 

Reid has just catapulted herself into the mainstream and there is no going back after this. ‘Seamless‘ is essential listening. 

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