Life Is Like A Box Of Records: The Nickajack Men

Life Is Like A Box Of Records: The Nickajack Men

Falkirk-based four piece The Nickajack Men are preparing to release their debut EP Wasting Away, due for release on 26th May 2017 via NJM Records.

The Nickajack Men have politely agreed to share their top 10 most inspirational tracks for this week’s Life Is Like A Box Of Records…

“Time Spent In Los Angeles” – Dawes

This has probably always been my favourite Dawes track. Every time they bring out a new album i start to doubt that I always end up back to this track. The slight wobble throughout the track has always really interested me, this made it hit home from a younger age that I wanted to play music like this, with this meaning and this kind of ambition.

“In Reverse” – The War On Drugs

One of the greatest ambient guitar tunes I’ve ever heard. The eerie building of guitars, synths, brass and percussion have always got me. The way Adam Granduciel effortlessly merges several different genres into a track absolutely blew me away!

“Shroud” – Nathaniel Rateliff

Seen Nathaniel live in Captains Rest, Glasgow around 7 years ago. He was supporting a band called Delta Spirit on their UK tour at the time. As Nathaniel took to the stage himself I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, what a talent. His track “Shroud” always sticks in my head, on his own on the stage with just an acoustic guitar absolutely belting out these heartfelt lyrics. He filled the full room himself, from that day I always felt a connection! It’s unbelievable to see him doing so well with his band Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

“Elephant” – Jason Isbell

Like most of these bands/artist my dad introduced me to them. Jason Isbell definitely being real near the top of the list! His track “Elephant” is one of the most heartbreaking emotive songs ever written. I actually can’t write too much about it as the song says everything it needs to. Defo go check it out if you get a minute!

“Twenty Miles” – Deer Tick

A massive song for me. I always remember getting this album on CD in Florida and playing it in the car whilst driving around. What an experience, a stunningly sculpted song/album. John McCauley’s harsh yet somewhat soothing vocals always give me the confidence to try different things vocally whilst making our own music.

“La Cienega Just Smiled” – Ryan Adams

A triumphant display of songwriting. It’s one of those tracks that just seems to connect with me! The subtle vocals and to the point lyrics are a real delight. It just happens to be on one of the best albums ever as well!

“Gravity” – John Mayer

The best song on a really good album for me. It has always stood out and had a raw power to it. When played live it adds even more to the song compared to the album version. John Mayer’s very distinctive guitar style shines throughout the song, especially towards the end as it comes to an almighty climax.

“Here Comes A Regular” – The Replacements 

This tune still scares me how it’s still so relevant. If this was to be released this week people would still flock to buy it. A massive influence on most of the bands I listen to now! I always remember listening to this song driving around when I was younger which kind of set the scene for it. So now whenever I hear it I get a blast from the past.

“Into The Wide” – Delta Spirit

Released at the title track for their latest album. I love how the track gathers momentum as it progresses, the haunting reverb-soaked lead guitar cutting through everything is just unreal. Defo one of my favourites songs ever! Delta Spirit, in general, have been one of my favourite bands for years now so when this album and this song, in particular, came out, even for their high standards I could not believe how good this record was!

“Butterfly” – Twin Peaks

The energy in this track is literally what its all about for me in music. Passionate live performance and absolutely nailing the track. Again I love how they merge different genres into one song! Seeing bands such as Twin Peaks doing so well gives us great confidence that this kind of music is still more than alive!

Wasting Away by The Nickajack Men is out on 26th May 2017 via NJM Records.

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