Life is Like A Box Of Records: Phillip Taylor (PAWS)

Some time ago I was sitting on a bus with a token playlist of songs that had influenced my life in some way or another. Being somewhat refreshed, I started thinking of all the times that these songs had become significant and thought, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to delve into other people’s ‘Life Record Boxes’. Luckily people have been wonderful and we have an incredible series continuing.

Today is the turn of Phillip Taylor from excellent band PAWS. You can check out their music here:

First song I remember hearing as a young child: ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ R.E.M

This is the first song I can remember ever hearing as a very young child and it ultimately effected me in becoming interested in what pop music was. This was my introduction to music, as I know it.

First song that made me put posters on my wall: ‘When 2 Become 1’Spice Girls

I had an unbelievable infatuation with the Spice Girls the moment that I heard this song. I collected the stickers, begged for a Mel C poster and bought a knock off Spice Girls T-shirt from a local clothing store. They were the first “band” that I became completely infatuated with. Cementing my love for pop music that carries on to today.

First song that made me feel safe in the knowledge that I was a complete fucking loser: ‘Lithium’Nirvana

As a kid with Spice Girls posters on my walls I’d sit with my only friend, my eldest brother Paul. I’d venture into his room and watch him play his SNES (Super Nintendo entertainment system). Whilst he played, he would turn down the volume of his Super Mario games and blast his favourite current albums. I remember the first time I ever heard Nevermind and I’ll never forget it. I was so small and really quite incapable of fully understanding what this troubled adult was screaming about. Younger than I maybe should have been. I remember Lithium screaming out to me. I had no friends in primary school, but, I honestly remember the first time that I heard that…I found my friends.

First song that I learned to play on the guitar: ‘Zombie’The Cranberries

Once again, My eldest brother is responsible. He and his then girlfriend would be sitting together in their room the way that teenagers do and I would venture in and nuzzle between them as a little kid. They used to sit and listen to R.E.M, The Cranberries and Nirvana. I soaked it all in. When he gave me my first guitar at aged 11, I asked for “No Need To Argue” by The Cranberries and I sat in my room and tried and tried and tried until I got it. The feeling when I made it to the end of the song was so incredible. I knew it was the only thing I’d have a chance at being remotely good at. It took me like a month. I’m still shit at playing the guitar.

First song that made me cry: ‘Nightswimming’ R.E.M

First song that I listened to about love and knew exactly what the writer was fucking talking about: ‘I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever)’Stevie Wonder

I found myself completely and utterly enraptured by somebody when I first moved to Glasgow and this song was, well…yeah. Anyway, it’s a pretty sad story. I was wrong.

The first song that made me look at Myself and realise just how much of an asshole us boys can be: ‘Inmates’ The Good Life

The first song that made me long for something that I’d never get back: ‘Blink And You’ll Miss It’ A Meow and A Mew

A Meow and A Mew – Blink and You’ll Miss It from CATH///RECORDS on Vimeo.

A song that I play on repeat to help my fucked up brain go to sleep and forget about all the bullshit: ‘Melon Collie and The Infinite Sadness’Smashing Pumpkins

A song for someone that isn’t here anymore: ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ – Eva Cassidy (yeah, her version)

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