Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Kathryn Joseph

Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Kathryn Joseph

Today’s Life Is Like A Box Of Records is with Kathryn Joseph. A unique, inspiring and talented lady. There are no edits here, just the music she loves in her words.

You can listen, purchase music and find out more about Kathryn here:


Madonna – True Blue
First record I ever bought with my actual own money and that feeling of I am cool now for the first time ever and perhaps the only time ever is very vivid and great. Thankyou Madonna. And thankyou my best friend claire for performing all of the dance routines we meticulously choreographed and for the still every time makes me cry ” if I ran away I’d never have the strength to go very far … Bit at the end of live to tell. There is nothing more better.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (album) Song – Go Your Own Way
I am fourteen. First boyfriend. And very kissing. And this record is in my aunties great record collection. It is perfect and features perhaps the most at intervals through out rest of long happy life. Holy god every song is so great.

Bjork – Debut (album) Song – Violently Happy
Everything and anything by this woman is perfect and beautiful. I remember hearing the sugar cubes on the radio in my bath and loving the sound and song so fucking much but this is the record ( well tape) that I danced to and wore out with love the most . And then later her all is full of love song might be my favourite song ever or nearly.

Low – Secret Name (album) Song – Two-Step
Bob made me a mix tape. It had low on one side smog on the other. The most perfect tape ever. I hadn’t heard of either. It had two-step on it. My other favourite song of ever. Thankyou bob.

PJ Harvey – The Garden
Another case of everything she does is the best. But I loved this record the most. I tried to use it to make someone keep loving me. It worked for small while longer. It is a perfect album.
The Garden. My favourite on. Saw her play it live in Toronto. Oh my Lordy.

Kate Bush – Never Be Mine
The most beautiful and played over and over song by me ever.  Kate wins best everything always.

Mark Hollis – The Gift
This. My most favourite and beautiful of records ever. Perfect in every way and every painful beautiful sound. It broke my heart that it wasn’t all just recorded in one take. It feels like it was to me. So close in and I had never heard music that I could feel almost physically from listening to it like this. And when I shouted yes I’ve heard of it into the face of a man I was introduced to whilst waiting on his table he lent me this…

Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes
I was yes obsessed with this record and with the three after and then I stopped feeling the love. But I loved hard. I met her once it was not good. I was weird. She was weirder. But holy moly she had the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen….. And her songs were fucking great too. Especially tear in your hand. I used to be able play lots of her songs. Now I can’t. Physically not emotionally.

Talk Talk – Laughing Stock
New grass still makes my face go hot. Fucking perfect.

Bonnie Prince Billy – Master and Everyone
This was on repeat in my red Tin roof house in the woods.  I dreamt I married him. I will always wish I had. There is no other man better.

Carole King – Music
My last is maybe the first I ever heard. My mum listened to this very when pregnant with me. I love it. What lucky barely formed ears I had.

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