Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Hannah Currie

Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Hannah Currie

Welcome to Podcart’s life is like a box of records podcast. My name is Halina Rifai. Occasionally we bring in special guests to talk about the songs that have soundtracked their lives so far. For rights reasons, music might be shorted than the original song.

This week’s guest is Hannah Currie. Hannah is a music promoter, DJ, documentary filmmaker and mental health advocate. She has been an integral part of the Scottish music scene with her co-run collective MILK which has put on some of Glasgow’s best music nights.  She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker having released two extremely important and thought-provoking shorts. It’s her work with MHF Live and Mental Health Foundation that has seen her pull from all aspects of her work in music and film and her passion for helping those struggling is clear. It seems there is nothing that Hannah can’t turn her hand to but it’s her tour de force attitude that places her as one of Scotland’s most notable creative talents.

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Hannah also selects music. Her tracklisting is: 

Nirvana: About A Girl

Ben E King: Stand By Me

Madonna: Ray of Light

Funeral for a Friend: Juneau

Coldplay: Don’t Panic (from Garden State soundtrack)

Talking Heads: This Must Be The Place

Withered Hand: No Cigarettes

You can find a Spotify playlist of Hannah’s picks below: 


  1. The Garden State soundtrack! I’m gonna love this episode, aren’t I… x

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