Life is Like A Box Of Records: Davy Matchett

Life is Like A Box Of Records: Davy Matchett

Life Is Like A box Of Records today is with Belfast born and based Davy Matchett of Third Bar. Third Bar is an Artist Development company based in Belfast run by Mathcett & Gary Lightbody. They work with the likes of A Plastic Rose, Wonder Villains, VerseChorusVerse, Robyn G Shiels and more. You can find out more about them here:

Nina Simone‘I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free’ 

I was lucky to have a load of books and magazines around when I was a kid and it was through those that I learned about the civil rights movements in America and Ireland I was as much into the music from these times as I was the politics and this song has stuck with me from the time I developed a love for politics and music.

Queen & Bowie‘Under Pressure’ 

I will never tire of this song I loved it at the time just for being a great song and the amazing vocals and in later years the political context of the time. It was also the first track I heard in my youth that featured David Bowie. Important in itself.

Starship‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’

Summer 1987, leaving the primary school for the big school, out in the field’s building huts and trespassing on farmers land flying about on my BMX fancying one of the older girls from round the corner imagining me and her were mates. Not a care in the world.

Van Morrison‘The Days Before Rock and Roll’

September 1990 I started a new school. My first class on my first day was with an English Teacher who taught me about Seamus Heaney and Van Morrison. Changed everything.

Suede (Live Cover on The Word) – ‘Brass in Pocket’

One of the great things about being into great music is that great bands are confident enough in their own place in life to cover the tracks that they love and so, as a 17 year old kid I discovered The Pretenders catalogue through Suede and this version of this amazing track is still my favourite.

Underworld‘Mmm Skyscraper I Love You’

The first record I bought the day I started Uni October 1994. It was the start of something for me, the indie dance crossover. It was a dream, bars playing dance music & clubs playing indie music. when I was not working on the weekend I was out loving life and music with friends. Rent was £110 a month No mobile phone bill, no internet bill, 4 Tv channels.  Rent, lager, records and occasionally food.

Belle & Sebastian‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’

Left the big school at uni hanging out with my mates on a summers day hanging about Good Vibrations Record Shop until it was not too early to go to the pub. Found this in the racks took it home -layed it on repeat all afternoon got drunk having found the band in whose music i would spend more cash than any other band before or since.


Not every British band in the mid to late nineties fits in the Brit Pop category and this is one of the finest. Up there with The Bluetones and Super Furries and others  in a category devoted to melodic bonkers dreamboat tunes. Timeless beauty.

Hefner‘Don’t Flake Out On Me’

In the Late nineties I was into a load of indie and left field dance shite and this is my favourite song from that time. Living in Manchester, devouring the music press buying shit loads of records and going to a load of shows on my own. Adult life without a care in the world. In later years this type of person gained the title ‘Œhipster’ – the main difference being I did not have an email address never mind a Macbook iPad Air Pro blablabla.

The Strokes‘Last Nite’

The Strokes record came out in September 2001 and it arrived in the post from Sister Ray the day after my daughter was born. We played the album in the house a lot and when she was only a few weeks old it was played wall to wall on British radio and every time it came on she started bopping around in her car seat, the first song she ever engaged with and now at 13 she is doing her grade 3 music exams and teaching herself guitar. Music makes the world go round.

Photo by Bradley Quinn

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