Life Is Like a Box Of Records: Cadence Kid

Life Is Like a Box Of Records: Cadence Kid

Multi-instrumentalist Cadence Kid, aka Jason Turbin, makes a welcome return, just in time for Halloween, with the release of his latest single, aptly named The Darkness, out now via My Music Mind.

We caught up with Jason to find out about his most influential tracks:

The Zombies – A rose for Emily

The mix of psychedelics and melancholy in this song is exquisite. The sadness in the lyrics that is evoked is awe inspiring and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the song as far as instrumentation goes. The echoing back up vocals are incredible and as for the lead vocal, his voice is like pure butter.

John Williams – Hedwig’s Theme

I will always know this song by the first 5 notes. It’s very iconic and fills me with a range of emotions from grief, hope and a child’s wonder and curiosity . Throughout the series, the theme changes slightly in each introduction, foreshadowing the tone of the film. I have the written score and have spent so many countless hours drooling over it’s perfection. The piece builds magically with those amazing and difficult string scale runs!

Ennio Morricone – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Theme

Such a cool and original sound he create for westerns. From reverb soaked whistles to the wild vocal chants this song has such a rawness to it still unmatched from anyone these days. His use of electric guitar has become sort of a trademark for him. Great composer and great score and unequivocal one of the greatest living film composers who also happens to do his own Orchestration.

Prince – The Work Part 1

What can you say about Prince that hasn’t already been said. I love this tune. It’s so sexy! The Horn Arrangements are Killer! His guitar solos are always tasty. Even though there are a number of instruments playing simultaneously every one manages to give each other space inside the tune to be creative. A high level of musicianship and artistry.

Emitt Rhodes – Long Time No See

His voice is so sultry in this song! It’s as if he’s trying to seduce you. Although he didn’t gain much popularity his music is worthy of the attention. He recorded and played all the instruments himself. Now a days this isn’t as difficult to do thanks to modern technology but thinking back to the time this was done in it’s very impressive. All the parts are so well put together it makes you wonder what instrument did he track 1st and in what order?

Pink Floyd – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

They’re lyrics are either very critical or completely literal. Best thing to do is just feel the vibe and melt into the music. The best prog rock band in my opinion. A hypnotic modal chant filled with sustaining pitch percussion and seagulls flying above. It definitely puts you in trance. Fans of Pink Floyd seem to like The Wall but for me it’s all about their early stuff.

Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin’

Hank Williams always puts me in a good mood. The music has a “feel good” vibe to it and you can tell the players love to play their instruments. I’m not the biggest modern country fan but anything from this time period I tend to be intrigued by the happy guitar licks and the simple way of living. Very well written songs that live up to being great country tunes even to this day. Hank was born to sing country.

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By

Great hiphop song! The chorus is excellent and the best part of the song! I miss the days when rap artist would write lyrics that told stories like this. Makes me want to whip out some cardboard on the street and bust out my inner b-boy. The rap music of this time period was so “chill” and laid back.. like a nice lazy afternoon. Good lyrics, cool production and sampling of great music in a fresh new perspective.

Toots and The Maytals – Pressure Drop

A song you can sway your hips to. The song has simple chords but yet so inviting and so real with emotion that it provides. As a little kid, I played trumpet in some ska/reggae groups and when I hear this song it brings me back to my childhood. I used to jam along to Toots with my Trumpet. The thing I love about Ska, reggae and punk is although it’s not as technical musically as say Jazz, it’s so much fun to play and really hits at the core of what music is about (bringing people together).

Björk – All is Full of Love

This song was my ringtone on my old flip phone and brick phone for years! I wish there was a way to make love to her voice. Even to this day, with dubstep and more modern dance/electronic music, this song still sounds fitting and relevant. She happens to be one of my favorite female vocals ever. I adore her and hope to one day collaborate with her….that would be a dream come true.

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