Lemonade Baby: ‘Don’t Stop (Keep On Keepin On)’

Lemonade Baby: ‘Don’t Stop (Keep On Keepin On)’

Brisbaine’s Lemonade Baby graces us with their latest indie-dance gem, ‘Don’t Stop (Keep On Keepin On)’.

From the first beat, the track pushes a sound reminiscent of several electronic dance music stalwarts, seamlessly blending with a notable flair. 

Injecting their own self-assured vision, the track’s production is a testament to Lemonade Baby’s meticulous craftsmanship, effortlessly combining layers of rich instrumentation and sublime hooks. The fusion of disco-infused elements with contemporary indie-dance sensibilities results in a concoction that is nothing short of addictive.

This is the type of track that remains beautifully relevant and simply put, invokes a sense of joy and euphoria that can only be achieved through creative ingenuity. 


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