La Yensy Jordan: ‘La Dueña de la Esquina’

La Yensy Jordan: ‘La Dueña de la Esquina’

Santo Domingo rapper La Yensy Jordan brings high-octane fire to the streets with her latest urban Latin banger ‘La Dueña de la Esquina‘ (Queen of the Corner).

The breakneck dembow rhythms prove the perfect vehicle for Jordan’s formidable flow as she asserts her dominance with bars equally smooth and savage.

Verses volley back and forth as she finesses beat changes with ease. Yet any technical skill pales beside the track’s sheer force of personality.

 Jordan inhabits the persona of a local antihero, a neighbourhood legend with fearsome reputation and skills to match. While the production glistens with club-ready sheen, Jordan’s charisma remains the song’s rocket fuel, propelling each line to electrifying effect.

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