Kudu Blue: ‘Fire’

Kudu Blue: ‘Fire’

Kudu Blue help light the torch for Brighton’s compelling new music releases for 2021. 

Latest single ‘Fire‘ is born from the themes of us all planning our journeys through life and ultimately making the most of the time we have. 

Dispensed with tremendous clarity and depth in its lower end, its rumbling bass and crisp percussive beats help drive the melodic hooks in its topline. Masterfully produced, there is a sonic afluence which makes this all the most addictive. 

Music derives over time beautifully and from my love of movements like Breakbeat Era to early garage through to the likes of Burial, Fourtet and to the here and now. Hearing these influences peppered throughout this track is truly gratifying and it still manages to feel completely fresh and wonderfully accessible. 

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