Knifeworld – Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat

Knifeworld – Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat

I do not even want to begin to count the number of albums that I have listened to over the years. Some are a means to pass time, some are there to take me on journeys of emotional relief and satisfaction and other are to teach a musical lesson. <strong>Knifeworld’s</strong> debut album<strong> Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat</strong> is without a doubt an alternative composer’s dream. <!–more–>I interviewed <strong>Kavus Torabi</strong> (Knifeworld father) a few months ago and after the interview he made me even more passionate about music and the way I felt about it. He has written and composed this album with the help of special guests that include <strong>Ben Jacobs (Max Tundra),</strong> <strong>Melanie Woods (Cardiacs),</strong> <strong>Katharine Blake (Mediaevil Baebes), Sarah Measures (The Monsoon Basoon)</strong> and <strong>Khyam Allami</strong>. This vast family of talent contributes to the album in a way that is special; it is as if they knew exactly what the ultimate sound intended was.

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Kavus Torabi

This album is so utterly grand that each time you listen to it another realm of serenity emerges. <strong>‘Singled Out For Battery’, ‘The Wretched Fathoms’. ‘Pissed Up On Break Fluid’</strong> and <strong>‘No More Dying’ </strong>have become my stand out tracks on the album. The reason that I adore this album so much is the sheer magnificent change. The changes between keys, tempos and styles is altogether astounding but it works so well that it takes me back to the great psychedelic bands of old who have lasted the test of time.

<strong>‘No More Dying’</strong> is an amazing composition on this album. The opening horns have an almost Alice In Wonderland feel about it. A quirkiness yet fearful darkness creeps in and out like shadows during daylight. This work of art has the ability to combine an almost film soundtrack with a well-crafted song of rock fuelled proportions. By the end, this song is enormously nasty and glorious.

If there is any justice, this album will have the critics soiling themselves with shock. It has everything from imagination, blistering riffs, barbarous percussion to the most cleverly written passages I have heard in some time. <strong>Kavus Torabi</strong> has evolved into one of the great composers of my generation and this album casts a throw back to culturally important music of the past yet sticks its iron claws firmly into our present.

<strong>Halina Rifai</strong>

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