Julia and the Doogans: ‘Enough’

Julia and the Doogans: ‘Enough’

Over ten years ago Podcart (formerly Glasgow Podcart) began our humble podcast. The first musician to open was the heavenly Julia Doogan. Now, over a decade later, we are still firmly in love with her talents. 

Her latest single ‘Enough‘ is an effortless return from the chanteuse and its lucent production places her vocal as the rightful star. Having taken a sabbatical to concentrate on her work life as a talented graphic designer and illustrator, it seems more than apparent that Doogan remains true to her sonic craft. 

There are telling details in her lyrics where she shows a unique gift of dictating emotion in her listener despite her measured delivery. This is a graceful tour de force and its subtleties move melodically like a light breeze through the trees. 

Doogan takes you on a deeply personal journey and whilst you can adapt it to countless stories of love and loss, its how beautiful her delivery is that makes it all the more poignant. She has a melodic instinct in her songwriting that has maintained her familiarity with her fanbase. 

This is made all the more magical by the announcement of Doogan joining Podcart for its inaugural intimate live music and zine launch at Some Great Reward this coming Saturday 5 October. She started our podcast journey and now she ignites this new path. 

For more information on Podcart’s Alternate Take visit: http://podcart.co/podcart-presents-alternative-take

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