Joya Mooi: ‘Bitter Parts’

Joya Mooi: ‘Bitter Parts’

Joya Mooi continues her impressive journey as one of modern soul’s most exciting new talents with her latest single ‘Bitter Parts‘. 

Mooi explains: “Bitter Parts is about coming to terms with the less pleasant parts of yourself. The song plays with the denial of this, at times I ignore the ‘mirror’ or I suggest means to reduce the confrontation with myself. I think I’ve accepted that I’m not always going to be the perfect self for myself, but I think I can now take a closer look at the imperfections.”

This certainly becomes apparent sonically. With a melancholic-tinged performance and sparseness within the arrangement to let that sadness flow, this all the more endearing. 

The Netherlands-based singer’s confidence shines abundantly and the full-bodied gorgeous instrumentation does nothing to take away from her velvet tones. 

Mooi can do no wrong and it will be a blessing when live music once again breathes as this is a ticket at the top of our list. 

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