Joesef: ‘LIMBO’

Joesef: ‘LIMBO’

When I discovered that the voice guiding ‘LIMBO‘ belonged to an East End Glasgow lad, I admit I was somewhat surprised, but pushing that to one side and concentrating on the talent behind the music is what really resonates. 

Joesef has been developing himself behind the scenes for some time and with comparisons already to Amy Winehouse and Lauren Hill, it comes as no surprise that he has become something of a Pied Piper to numerous members of the established music industry. 

He injects fascinating sonic originality which shines above the current Scottish music landscape. Serenading you effortlessly with his blend of neo-soul, lo-fi pop and R&B, there’s a confidence here that I don’t encounter too often with debut artists. With a fierce intelligence bubbling under the brim, his honesty shines through unhindered. 

If this is where Joesef sits now, it’s frightening to think about what he will be producing in the near future. 

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  1. My boy my inspiration go get em xxx

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