James Wyatt Crosby: ‘Something Missing’

James Wyatt Crosby: ‘Something Missing’

James Wyatt Crosby tenderly unpacks universally felt yet ineffable sorrow on his latest gentle heartbreaker ‘Something Missing’.

The aching centrepiece of his new album Happy Memories, this slowcore ballad explores dreams vs reality, isolation, and the save-able love dangling by a thread.

As shimmering guitars swell around Crosby’s feather-soft vocals, he contemplates “an overwhelming emptiness” with intimacy yet intentional vagueness. The titular phrase nakedly names a sentiment many know yet cannot define. Later, the lyricism reframes the melancholy by suggesting mutual understanding can mend fractured bonds.

While the lush sonic details echo Crosby’s earlier work, the songwriter evades repetition by subtly evolving his signature introspective bedroom pop. ‘Something Missing‘ shares an unshakable but blurry sadness, then finds glimmers of hope through shared experience.

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