Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach: ‘Trauma (feat. William Sammons)’

Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach: ‘Trauma (feat. William Sammons)’

Trauma‘, the latest cue from Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach‘s score for the film Final Fight, wields disarming directness exploring the isolation of PTSD.

William Sammons’ collaboration backed by Bloomfield-Misrach’s tense soundscape of ominous percussion, piano chords, plucked strings and understated clarinet. 

Trauma‘ remains emotionally hard-hitting in its own right. The composer’s adept infusion of subtle electronic textures and organic acoustic elements wrings startling power from simplicity.

Yet this is no single-note exercise in gloom. Fragile synth lines offer fleeting glimpses of solace piercing the gloom at unexpected moments with poetic grace. Bloomfield-Misrach eschews obvious melodrama, finding these sparks of light in unforced details that shine the brighter in contrast.

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