IKLAN Feat. Law Holt: ‘Big Bear’

IKLAN Feat. Law Holt: ‘Big Bear’

Award-winning producer Timothy London returns to the spotlight with new collective IKLAN featuring inimitable vocalist Law Holt

Timothy London’s musical CV is inspiring, now based in Birmingham, he’s now well-known for his co-production and co-writing on Mercury and Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) award-winning albums with Young Fathers, including their most recent, Cocoa Sugar.

However, if you dig a little deeper you will discover his remarkable back catalogue of collaborations and work. London founded the group Soho with sisters Jacqui and Pauline Cuff and many will remember their intoxicating 1990 hit ‘Hippychick‘. It doesn’t end there though, London has also created remixes for the likes of Ultra Nate and Diana Ross.

The Cuff sisters were propelled to a level of fame thanks to ‘Hippychick‘ and its backing from the likes of Top Of The Pops. They have since continued to lend their delicious vocals to live and recorded performances with Young Fathers and new Moshi Moshi signing Callum Easter. 

Jacqui & Pauline Cuff

Law Holt is a musician who I have known for a number of years now thanks to an introduction from London and I have had the pleasure of programming some early live shows with her. Originally from Leicester, the now London-based singer has an unforgettable vocal, one that really resonates both emotionally and sonically. 

The collaboration of all these minds, souls and talent has led to a supergroup of sorts. ‘Big Bear’ is the first reveal and it feels like an effortless melodic breeze and flow thanks to its trio of homogenous vocalists. It’s sweet hooks and ambling percussive foundation make it beguiling. 

London’s gossamer production is the icing on the cake and with their first album due for release this September, IKLAN will no doubt add a distinct musical footprint thanks to their cavernous skills and embryonic approach. 

A reminder that Bandcamp are also waiving fees today (May 1st) and you can purchase ‘Big Bear‘ from IKLAN direct: 

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