i am blip: ‘Jarvie is a Dead Man’

i am blip: ‘Jarvie is a Dead Man’

Glaswegian producer i am blip’s latest offering ‘Jarvie is a Dead Man’ takes listeners on an exhilarating sonic ride.

He effortlessly wields hardware with dexterous flair to engineer a propulsive, hook-laden track that transitionally captivates.

Following an atmospheric opening, the song’s first half exudes a balmy, sundown vibe before organically crescendoing into a lively second phase readymade for after-dark revelry. Yet while the song’s two distinct movements provide dramatic contrast, the producer’s savvy sound design ensures cohesive listening.

Subtle yet impactful touches – a common shimmering synth patch here, a unifying rhythmic thread there – ingeniously stitch the parts together. Production-wise the track never overindulges but instead precisely applies just enough ear candy sprinkles to dazzle the senses without becoming saccharine sweet.

i am blip continues cementing his reputation here for crafting songs relished equally for losing one’s self on the dancefloor or getting pleasantly lost inside one’s own headspace whilst listening intently via headphones. He is one of Glasgow’s underrated electronic talents.

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