31 March 2016

Hector Bizerk: ‘Everybody Knows It’s Nothing But Hip Hop’


Midem might not be a name recognised straight away, especially when industry festivals such as SxSW and The Great Escape are far more prevalent in the UK music media. However, it is recognised as one of the foremost music industry festival conventions.

Taking place in May this year, Glasgow-based impresarios Hector Bizerk have been preselected for Midem Artist Accelerator. Impressively, they are 1 of only 60 preselected bands from across the world. The next stage will see a panel of judges select 12 to showcase at the main event.

Hector Bizerk frontman/MC Louie says, “I’ve always wanted to go to Midem. It’s a prestigious festival and we can use as a launchpad for our new record. If we get the nod then I will need to get even more Glaswegian in order make sure the French audiences learn the lingo. Seriously though, music is a universal language and wherever we play in the world we seem to be able to get our message across. Everybody knows it’s nothing but hip hop.”

The band have been touring France regularly and are one of only a few bands I can name that have managed to secure a fanbase in the country outside of Scotland.

With the band about to release their fourth album in three years on Walk Tall Recordings, it is further testament to the work they invest in what they love.

I often get asked what the best thing about blogging and working in the music industry is and it is things like this. Seeing an artist get the recognition they deserve due to their passion, determination and talent is one of the most satisfying aspects. Seeing bands travel further afield and develop fan bases in other countries is something really special. “People will react to the songs where ever you are in the world if you play with the passion and enthusiasm that audiences want.” explains drummer Audrey Tait.

Hector Bizerk’s album launch party takes place at Glasgow School of Art 22nd April.

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