Happy 3rd Birthday MILK!

Happy 3rd Birthday MILK!

I cannot bloody believe that MILK are 3! Aileen Lynn and Hannah Currie were first introduced to me by the ned drummer from Garden of Elks – Kirstin and I am glad she brought them onto my radar.

I have praised, punted and puppy loved these 2 girls from afar. Both of them have worked extremely hard with their live nights and this has led to some impressive job changes and also lots of new relationships.

Their celebratory 3rd birthday bash is tonight with one hell of a line-up:


I thought it would be nice to catch up with the girls to reflect on the last 3 years and also what they have planned coming up:

What has been your favourite MILK night so far?

Aileen: I’ve enjoyed every single show for different reasons but the 1st birthday show where we managed to reform 3 ‘missing’ bands (Drive By Argument, Jocasta Sleeps and Theatre Falls) was amazing. The tickets sold out in just over an hour and there was such an exciting atmosphere in Flat 0/1 as soon as we opened the doors. Hannah and I also crowd surfed.
Hannah: So hard to choose – there have been some great moments that I will never forget (and probably many more that I have unfortunately forgotten due to alcohol consumption) – but I genuinely enjoy every MILK night. I loved our 1st and 2nd birthday shows so really hoping for more of that at the 3rd birthday show!

 What is the hardest thing when promoting shows?

Hannah: For me it’s the knot in my stomach I get before a show – the worry that things won’t go to plan or that people won’t turn up, as I want bands to have a great gig. But any pain like that is totally worth it for the feeling of euphoria you get when the night goes really well.
Aileen: We’ve been running MILK for 3 years now, each time we’re promoting a new show we need to think of different ways to do it to keep people interested. It’s hard sometimes to strike a balance between constantly promoting the event without it annoying / overwhelming folk with constant MILK MILK MILK MILK updates.

Have you faced any sexism when promoting shows?

Aileen: At first it was really annoying because folk just thought we were the girls that worked on the door of the event. Few people realised we were responsible for every single part of the club night – branding, marketing, promoting, booking etc. In general we don’t face a lot of sexism but stupid comments like ‘what did you have to do to book that band – ho ho!’ will always do my head in.
Hannah: Not outrightly, but we do get a lot of people assuming that we work for the venue – for some it’s a more natural assumption that we’re bar staff or promo gals than event organisers, as if we couldn’t do all that hard work ourselves.

 What doors has MILK opened for you?

Hannah: Hunners. I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in now were it not for the experience I gained setting up and running a clubnight. And people want to talk to me now – nobody bothered their arse with me at school! (I was a bit weird though).
Aileen: We’ve been given the chance to work at lots of fantastic festival including Wickerman, Thistly Fest and Brew at the Bog as well as working with the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. I also don’t think I would have my job if it wasn’t for MILK and being able to show how I spent my time post uni whilst job searching.

What is the least amount of sleep you have had between promoting a show and starting work?

Hannah: Zero hours! I used to work in Edinburgh and get up at 6am every morning, so sometimes when I got home at 4am it just wasn’t worth going to bed. I quite enjoyed the hallucinogenic bubble I walked around in, but I can’t really get away with it these days. Fortunately I’ve got the day off after the 3rd birthday party so I’ll be going at it full throttle, hanging from the rafters.
Aileen: I think the worst has been a 50 minute power nap. That was back when I didn’t enjoy my job so going to work feeling like I could faint at any minute made things slightly more interesting. I can’t get away with that sort of thing now but I have this Thursday off so I can dance like a looney all night long without fear!

What are you most grateful for?

Hannah: Live music, and people coming to see it.
Aileen: Snap, I am so grateful to be living in Glasgow right now, so many people really care about live music and make the effort to fully support and enjoy it as much as they can.

What are your future plans?

Hannah: To stay involved in Scotland’s amazing music scene, in any capacity possible. MILK is brilliant fun but I also like bringing music to charity events as it can be a really powerful fundraising tool; we like ourselves a good DJ too, and recently we made a music video for Friends in America which was a lot of fun. In terms of MILK, after the 3rd birthday we’re taking a wee break for festival season; and we’ll be doing a one-off show for the Edinburgh Fringe festival at The Electric Circus so watch this space for more news on that!
Aileen: I have always dreamed of MILK Fest. Hopefully one day it will happen!

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