H.Grimace – ‘Cavepainter’

H.Grimace – ‘Cavepainter’

London-based H.Grimace hit our radar thanks to Art Is Hard Records. ‘Cavepainter’ is to be released as a free download by the label, but will also be included in their ‘Pizza Box run’ which you can find more information about HERE.

‘Cavepainter’ is exquisite surf pop, but I don’t want to just stop with the sweeping generalisation of genre pigeon holing. It has so much more to offer than a 2-word label. It is weirdly powerful and reflects a summer sentiment in sound to which I hope people relate.

Free yourselves of any pre-judged notions or comparisons to other artists. H.Grimace have indeed got their influences, but this has set them apart from the legions of other lemmings.

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