Grand Pricks: ‘Don’t Vote’

Grand Pricks: ‘Don’t Vote’

I remember¬†finding out about the band at a record fair in Stirling once and being humoured by the back story of the name. From what I remember they thought Grand Prix by Teenage Fanclub was pronounced “Grand Pricks” and thus a new band was born!

‘Don’t Vote’, is taken from the new split EP with fellow alternative¬†enthusiasts Polarnecks. Released via stalwart DIY label Gold Mold Records, this is a beautiful balance between¬†melody and cacophony.

It’s been a while since I have been so excited by a Scottish band in the realms of Alternative rock-punk, this illustrates a vibrating muscular effort which glides seamlessly from slacker whimsy to full on barbaric meltdown.

Welcome to my music collective guys.

The band release their split EP with Polarnecks 13th July (tonight) at Bloc+


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