Ghetts: ‘No Mercy (feat. Pa Salieu and Backroad Gee)’

Ghetts: ‘No Mercy (feat. Pa Salieu and Backroad Gee)’

With his all-star line-up collaborative album on the horizon, the focus for us remains very much on Ghetts himself and his skills. 

Latest single ‘No Mercy’ may be hard to define for some, but sonically, it makes complete sense. The lyrical spits are sharp, the production is intimate, immaculate and ominous, and the track is uniformly great. 

The tonal and cadence shift in the MC spits provide that beautiful alteration in texture acting like instrumental solos and the constants of the drowsy musical bed and slacker beats pave the way for the ferocity from its topline stars. 

It will be interesting to see what the more famous cast bring to the album, because for me, Ghetts doesn’t need the backing. He is the real deal solo. 

Ghetts’ album Conflict Of Interest is released 19 February via Warner – available to pre-order now.

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