George McFall: ‘Diurnal Patio’

George McFall: ‘Diurnal Patio’

The title track from his latest EP ‘Diurnal Patio’, George McFall returns with another alternative earworm. 

Its unexpected musical shapes are set against McFall’s vocal tirade addressing the exhaustive rodent wheel of life. Mental health is at the core of his narration and if anything, this is one of the most lyrically relatable tracks I have had the pleasure of hearing this year. 

There is no down moment here, whilst there is clear personal struggle through lived experience, the utter sonic joy and relief that’s created is nothing short of exquisite. 

McFall uses an aggressive muse but he always feels unique. ‘Diurnal Patio’ not only fully loaded but some of his best material to date. 

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