Fuzzkill Records: Now That’s What I Call Music 666

Having arrived a bit late to the party, I couldn’t let this release go without praise.

To celebrate their 1st birthday and Cassette Store Day, Fuzzkill Records have put together a compilation of lo-fi alternative artists who they have worked with this year. The artists hail from Scotland, England, United States and Canada. It is a plethora of angst-fuelled anthems and justifies why DIY labels such as Fuzzkill Records are essential in Scotland and beyond.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Pinact – Beauty Freak
New Swears – Midnight Lovers
Deathcats – Comin’ Up
Poor Things – Unsure of Myself
Fruit Tones – Sheriff
Secret Motorbikes – Midnight Volleyball
Kill Surrrf – Creepy Beach
Asian Babes – Valholla

Min Diesel – Bastards
Sharptooth – Bonnie Blaze
The Shithawks – Hollywood Beard
Black Cop – No Reply
Future Glue – Deaf Valley
Catholic Action – The Shallows
Psychotic Reaction – Oklahoma City Mainline Paranoia Blue
The Rosy Crucifixion  – Sinners (Frankie & the Hitch-Hikers cover)

The impressively named Now That’s What I Call Music 666 was released specially for Cassette Store Day, but can also be streamed below. If you are lucky enough you may still be able get a copy from one of the nominated record shops it was released to. GO IN AND ASK:

Rough Trade NY (New York)
monorail music (Glasgow)
Lion Coffee & Records (London)
Voxbox (Edinburgh)
Underground Solushn (Edinburgh)
Banquet Records (Kingston, Surrey)
Pebble Records (Eastbourne)
Tallbird Records (Chesterfield)

Just reading through the list is like delving into a slacker sweet shop. There is not one dud on the compilation and part of me wishes I still had my shitty foam covered Walkman headphones from 1994 to add to the sentiment of it all.

Just listen to the bands. Seriously, take the time and delve into this pool of fuzz, this is not overkill – this is the best of DIY.

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