Fourth Daughter: ‘Should Have Told You’

Fourth Daughter: ‘Should Have Told You’

Emily Atkinson AKA Fourth Daughter returns with her finest release to date in latest single ‘Should Have Told You’.

Glittering with melancholy lyrics yet pulsating with hope, her vocal soars brightly over shimmering synths and propulsive beats. This is escapist electronic pop at its finest – transportive, uplifting and impossible not to move to.

Exemplifying her talent for crafting superb production, Atkinson has avoided cliches, creating something current yet timeless. This proves she is a rising talent to watch and her highly anticipated EP Hyperreal will undoubtedly establish her as a potent and important new voice. 

Hypperral is released 28 July 

Photo by Gareth Goodlad 

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