Finn LeMarinel – ‘Known Voices’

Finn LeMarinel – ‘Known Voices’

I have often cited Scottish musicians such as Adam Stafford being some of our most underrated and under-publicised. I think it is time to admit that Finn LeMarinel really has to be placed in the same category.

I find myself sitting, watching and listening these artists and sometimes questioning loudly ‘can everyone hear and feel what I can right now?’

Today’s Song of the Day is LeMarinel’s ‘Known Voices’, its peculiarities are what makes it a vivid, spellbinding labyrinth. The temptation to fixate oneself on LeMarinel’s fascinating vocals can sometimes take away from his intricate guitar pluckings and tappings.

After blogging about music for a while now, my expectations and filters have become more rigid. ‘Known Voices’ shatters those expectations and does so with more originality than the thousands of lemmings I have to subject myself to. The depth of feeling this song has goes beyond my understanding.

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