Finn Brodie: ‘Ready, Set’

Finn Brodie: ‘Ready, Set’

Finn Brodie weaves a heartfelt narrative encompassing old loves, lingering memories, and new beginnings in latest single ‘Ready, Set’

Taken from his eagerly anticipated forthcoming EP Home Run, Brodie manages to strike a delicate balance between familiarity and innovation. The song’s gentle melodies and earnest lyricism create a captivating cocoon inviting listeners to delve into their own personal reflections. 

His craftsmanship as a singer-songwriter in the indie-folk sphere shines effortlessly and is marked by a subtle yet undeniable charm. 

‘Ready, Set’ bares its soul unabashedly, Brodie strips away the layers, leaving nothing concealed, crafting an opus that is unflinchingly honest. It’s within this vulnerability that the true essence of Brodie’s musical talent is. Sometimes, the power of simplicity and raw authenticity is all it takes to create something brilliant. 

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