Favourite Tracks 2014

Favourite Tracks 2014

In preparation of 2015, I thought it might be nice to bring you some of my favourites from 2014. Today I start with my favourite tracks of the year, expect EPs and albums also this week. I will also be bringing you a podcast with who I am looking forward to in 2015. So without further ado…


Phoria – ‘Emanate (Turtle Remix)’

I kick off with this glorious remix of Emanate as it is my favourite track of 2014. This breathes through your bones, your flesh and your mind. Turtle is without question one of the most promising artists to emerge from Scotland this year and his remix of ‘Emanate’ has seen me not get through one listen without welling up. Feeling music is such a cliché, but this is pure emotional power.

Horsefight – ‘Derren Brown’

With this trio dotted all over the globe, it amazes me that Horsefight find time to produce what they have. Based in London and Berlin, the fans they have gained can’t stop talking about them and ‘Derren Brown’ is a swift kick in the gut. Their excess and lack of restraint goes a long way in making this one of the gutsiest tracks of 2014.

Jonnie Common – ‘Shark’

I have been listening to and writing about Jonnie since 2009, but there is no question in my mind that his latest album Trapped In Amber’ is his finest work to date. ‘Shark’ is an elegant product of hard work and musicianship that could sit alongside artists such as Caribou very comfortably.

Monogram – ‘Romance’

I hear the confusion already. Yes, this track topped my list last year and it is back. Previously known as Mast, Liam Rutherford has opted for an artist name change and is now Monogram. Rutherford is penning in the background behind closed doors in Selkirk and promises to rip 2015 a new one. This song will never fail to impress and it still doesn’t feel even remotely stale. My only worry is that when I eventually get to see it live, I will be sobbing with my hands in the air like a bit of a mad woman.

Eliza Shaddad – ‘You For Me’

The second artist from the faultless Beatnik roster which includes the aforementioned Turtle. ‘You For Me’ is a rich ballad tinged with melancholy that made it originally stand out for me. The clarity of her vocal helps make this another of the most satisfying tracks of the year.

Errors – ‘Lease Of Life’

This is the title track from Errors forthcoming new album which will hit in March 2015. Having only been released December 11th, this has caused a wave of excitement with fans, bloggers and journos. A dazzling composition that is structurally perfect, but also strikingly soulful.

United Fruit – ‘Open Your Eyes’

United Fruit always hinted at their love of pop with their last album Fault Lines, but the first official single from their forthcoming new album is a game changer. Having started in around 2009, you can now see the progression of the band. Having joined forces with sound engineer/producer Bruce Rintoul, it’s clear he has polished this gem and together they have delivered something that has made a lot of the industry sit up and listen. Soaring vocals and melodies, crystal percussion and yet they maintain that raw undercurrent.

Blood Relatives – ‘Deerheart (Mind+Rap Remix)’

This remix manages to squeeze the warmth of the original into the digital field and that’s what makes it so special. Anna Medrum’s vocals are spectacular on this track and I will continue to try and persuade her to do more in the way of electronic music.

Deathcats – ‘Liquid Gold’

2014 was the year of Fuzzkill Records. They practically shat over everyone and Deathcats provided the second barrel. ‘Liquid Gold’ is taken from the Deathcats/New Swears split and cements the fact that Deathcats should not be taking a sabbatical and should be touring the world. They have created a stunning body of work and each track deserves a review of its own.

ULTRAS – ‘This Is Where I fall’

Another latecomer to the party. ULTRAS is the new brainchild of Over The Wall’s Gav Prentice and lit a fire of sorts under me. The sheer passion in Prentice’s vocal seals the deal. A bold track which will let anyone take their own message from it.

You can stream the full playlist below:

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