Fat-Suit: ‘The First Man On The Sun’

What can I say about Fat-Suit that I haven’t already said? This year I got to see them live a couple of times and all I can say is that they have been one of my absolute highlights of 2014.

The Scottish instrumental collective recently revealed new single ‘The First Man On The Sun’ which is taken from their forthcoming album JUGAAD. The album will be released 1st December 2014 and the title is taken from the Hindi term meaning – ‘an innovative fix which perhaps bends the rules to achieve its goal’. This proves to be as musically valid as the message itself.

If you have not yet discovered them, prepare to be arrested by an auspicious and uplifting collective. All I ask it that you please dedicate time to listening to them and seeing them perform. With their jazz-world fusion and bold musical characteristics, it inspires me as a musician from a far more classical background. I am just delighted to get to write about them. It is musicians like this that make us retired ones want to pick up our instruments again.

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