28 May 2014

Exclusive: IndianRedLopez & CS Buchan Split


Effectively, this split is one of the best things to come out of Aberdeen. It is a fact that there is so much focus on the central belt of Scotland and we often forget the extraordinary talent that lies beyond that. IndianRedLopez and CS Buchan have donated a track each to a split release and in my opinion these are the best tracks from either artist released so far.

IndianRedLopez have chosen ‘Any Given City’ which is the opening track from their latest record Commit and CS Buchan has chosen ‘Leave It All Behind’. But wait! There is a glorious connection in the form of Katie Buchan (CS Buchan’s daughter) and she is only 15 years old! She sings on both tracks and shows just how versatile her vocal is. This is another of those releases that astounds me when it comes to the talent coming out of Scotland.

The split comes out on June 16th on 7″ and here is an exclusive stream of both tracks:

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