8 September 2014

Exclusive: Boygirlanimalcolour – ‘JUPITER FIST’


We are a very incestuous bunch us bloggers! So whenScottish Fiction delivered this exclusive listen of a new Boygirlanimalcolour track I could not resist, it is also tremendous!

With equal parts pop-punk and ’90′s emo swirling in a cacophony of frenzied guitars and crashing drums, Boygirlanimalcolour are back with a bang. Debut single ‘JUPITER FIST’ is backed by B-side ‘Cable-tie’ and available on cassette in a limited run of 50 for Cassette Store Day.

Boygirlanimalcolour will be playing in-store performances on Cassette Store Day at LOVE Music in Glasgow (2pm) and VoxBox Records in Edinburgh (5pm), copies of the cassettes can be purchased from local record shops.


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